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It’s Sunday, and I’m not going to church again.  I like to remain anonymous.  I just want to go to church and not be bothered by other people’s expectations.

But I always seem to have to go up and say something to the pastor.  All my life I remember not wanting to get dressed and go out to church on the weekend.

I remember hoping that Daylight Savings Time would cause us to oversleep and miss  church, but I don’t think that it ever did!  We have to clean up and go out of the house every day of the week.  Having to do it on the weekend just doesn’t seem right.

But I found a church where I feel comfortable going in my jeans, so at least it’s half the trouble to go.  But I don’t care for the music so much.  They have a little band and use the overhead projector, so everyone can read the words.  I miss the songs out of the hymnals.

It’s interesting.  The songs on the overhead seem to be praise songs.  I love my Lord, and praising Him ought to be awesome.  My spiritual enthusiasm is a little dampened right now.  After a lifetime of working hard in office environments, they let me go. They terminated me.

The Lord always provides for me.  He knew that I thought I’d be okay being somewhat retired. ha, ha  Maybe unconscious desires fulfilled.  Watch it.  8-)

Nothing seems to end up the way we might think.  Even too much of a good thing – like having all the time in the world at home to do whatever you want – can end up lacking.  We know that everything comes with an upside and a downside.  It is what it is.

It’s the same with church – upside and downside.  Is the purpose of going to enjoy my self [intentional misspelling] having a good time singing hymns that reflect my human feelings and hearing sermons I want to hear?  I don’t think so.  I know better.  We give the whole of our life to whatever worldly things we’re into, so what’s the big sacrifice in offering an hour or so to God on the weekend?

I believe in that just like I believe in honoring the Sabbath, but I’m not very good at that either.   I try not to work and not to use services where others have to work.  But of course, I do a little of both if I feel like it.

And most of all, I don’t spend any part of the day reading the Bible or pursuing a closer understanding of the Lord.  It was an awesome experience when I did do that in the past.  A true Sabbath experience can be more restful and refreshing than a week’s vacation.  It’s too bad most of us miss it.

I believe in tithing too for essentially the same reason.  We have our being (for the Sabbath rest), our livelihood (our tithes) and our time (Church and the Sabbath).

These are pieces of our expansive life that we can give back to our Lord for all He has given for us.

I’m currently withholding everything.  I’d be embarrassed to tell you how long I’ve been “withholding”.   It’s even worse than that really.  Internally, my spirituality is pretty solid, so I think.  My external spirituality has become non-existent.  It was dead before I became unemployed, but now that I’m mostly a homebody, it’s really gone.

I was shocked to recall when my external spirituality had died.  It’s been more than a dozen years.  I couldn’t believe that so much time has passed.  It does that, you know, without our even noticing.

My second half of my life has been lived as a different person than the first half of my life.  I used to be an extravert.  Of course, I was young and naive for a long time too.  Somewhere along the line, I became comfortable with my own going to heaven being covered.  I’ve never been able to share the Lord with others anyway, so I slipped into not caring whether or not people were saved too.

How callous is that?  How NOT a good christian is that?

Unfortunately, I know that the Holy Spirit can shine the Lord’s love onto others and save them.  I know I’m not holy enough to reflect the Lord to others.Sadly, I feel that He and I are doing okay.  I may be deluding myself.  I hope not.  My mind tells me that I should care about others – at least those I love.  Unfortunately, I believe “should” is parental, and I try to wait until “should” becomes “ought to” or something else, which is the “adult” in us.

Excuses, excuses though, huh.  We can always find those.   The Bible says that the Lord judges us by our hearts.  Of course, He knows our true hearts.  I’m starting to wonder if our heart can grow cold when it remains away from the fire of Jesus’ presence, which we experience as a part of a Christian gathering.

That’s our real bonus when we go to Church.  It can be.

Those who have accepted His Salvation and accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour have a RELATIONSHIP with Him.  I do feel guilty not spending time with Him.  Most people expect time in their relationships.  He probably does too.

In the Bible it says to “give thanks unceasingly”.  I’ve found it very gratifying to do that.  Thanking Him and myself for everything reminds me that He is in charge of my life.  Can I say He’s in charge, when I’m not doing things that I know He’d want me to do?  hmmm  I always think that I’m going the right way.  I haven’t gotten wrapped up in worldly affairs for a long time.

 But now that I’m a homebody, simple little things probably count as a worldly distraction.  There’s television, Sudoku and my laptop.  There’s always something keeping me occupied.  And I can’t seem to get out of my head that I need to be recruiting others for heaven.

That’s kind of an irritating thought, because I want to be a homebody.  My justification today is maybe I can reach people through these websites.  I can write on and on, but I don’t know that anyone is even going to find this page at all.  Do you like my cartoon?  Unfortunately, it’s probably true.  Television has gotten very offensive.  At least, it’s promoting just about everything as average, normal behavior.  We’ll all get used to seeing just about anything happen.  

The sad thing is that there are a lot of unsaved people who won’t recognize the true signs and most of all the deceivers.  We know they’ll appear to be the real thing.  Knowing the truth of certain Bible promises will help us distinguish.

And the picture on the right is so true!!  People look at a lot of Christians and see them living perfectly normal lives with troubles just like everyone else.  They don’t understand what the big deal is having Jesus as Our Lord and Savior.  We may not even exemplify how much better He makes things for us.  Sometimes we may not even recognize it ourselves.  That’s how the “giving thanks unceasingly” does help keep us thinking on the right track at least.  

We don’t know what life will bring our way.  Many believe it is the time of the “end of the world”.  A lot of the signs are occurring.

I’m sure a lot of us won’t be ready.  I probably won’t be ready at the rate that I’m going.  It says in the Bible that we won’t know when the time will be, so maybe it isn’t the time.  But we were told the signs, so it seems that we’re supposed to be a little aware.

The Lord provided the rainbow as a promise that He would never destroy the earth by water again.  We have the holy wars that go on and on in the middle East.  We have the diverse weather conditions.  We have messed up the ozone and fouled up the seasons.

We’ve been experiencing some weird weather occurrences.

There is stormy weather ahead, and I wouldn’t want to face it without the protection and help of the Lord Jesus.  Only He can hold me together and keep me from being scared to death [in situations like the early believers put into the lions’ den].  

I Have Decided That I Don’t Think Anyone Gets Off Scott Free in This Life

We all have our own burdens to bear.  If a person stayed home all the time and had someone living in and helping out, you’d think life would be pretty comfortable.  Okay, now add four cats, two of which are older with one on medication having difficulty controlling her bowel movements.  Sounds like a little more of a challenge, huh?

Then throw in the fact that the roommate suffers from rare conditions and has to spend a lot of time in and out of the hospital.  So, then it’s official.  You’ve become the cat lady babysitting four cats.  They are awesome animals though.  My roommate even managed to train the cats, if you can believe that.

My poor roommate’s life and burdens are far worse than mine.  Her veins have gotten so small that they can hardly put in an IV.  Then, she’s in the hospital so much that she has staph infection now in her blood.  Thirty years old, and she could literally die.  Of course, her main disease is rare, and they don’t know the cause.  That doesn’t help.

But getting back on the subject of burdens, we can still sometimes feel quite overwhelmed by our own burdens no matter how little or silly they might be.  It makes me wonder if I’ve forgotten some christian things being so far from the “fire” for so long.  I haven’t had any christian fellowship in a long time.  No church, no christian friends.  I know the Lord is carrying my burdens, and I am not worrying fortunately.

Take up YOUR CROSS and FOLLOW ME, what did Jesus mean by that?

I am sure our cross is our burdens.  We can accept them in “good grace”as the Lord wants us to do.  And by following Him, we can avoid things we know He wouldn’t like.  Except, of course, when we don’t avoid them.  I wonder if Follow Me means we need to leave the house and care whether or not other people are lost or saved.  I have a hard time imagining that Jesus would be very happy taking selfish christians to heaven.

I know the Lord and other people can be served from home.  There are many who are confined to their home – not necessarily by choice.  There is always someone worse off than ourselves.  It’s good to always remind ourselves of that fact.  It helps us fight our self pity mode.

I am sure that at the least I need to be closer to my Lord Jesus by spending more time with Him in one way or another.  Relationships don’t remain very current nor very strong without communications.  I’m connected and in contact, but I’m sure it’s my loss that I don’t spend more time in the Lord’s presence.  I know He wants to help us carry our burdens.

In Romans 8:28 God promises to work all things out for good for those who love Him AND are called according to His Purpose.  

There’s a lot to think about when you look over bible verses.  You might check out a couple more of my favorites:  

John 3:16    New International Version (NIV)  16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Malachi 4:1-2    New International Version (NIV)  Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire, ” says the Lord Almighty. “Not a root or a branch will be left to them. But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.

**If you’ve accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and asked Him into your heart, the “frolicking like calves” is very appealing.  Sounds happy and healing to me.   For more CLICK HERE

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